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  i think that my back and neck are the most knotted and tense… - maybe life would be easier [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

[avr. 29e, 2008 09:21 pm]
[ici |stress]
[mon humeur |soreknotted]

i think that my back and neck are the most knotted and tense they have ever been in my entire life.

i had my first two exams today. crammed by assssss off yesterday. hopefully it payed off.
had to wake up at 7 for my music exam (at 8) so i was a very grumpy girl this morning. i think i was only unsure on maybe 2 or 3 of the 30 multiple choice questions, so thats encouraging. of course, i could just have bombed that shit anyways. the essay went okay... not very creative or well worded. but done, and finished and i said everything i could basically. 
women studies was possibly even more stressful as i hadnt really studied that much for it. as always, my ids could have been better. i very much fabricated information in several. but its only five points per id, 30 points total out of 120. so hopefully, ill be ok. my essays.... well my essays for wmst are always crap. i tried. i got all my resources in, with a little extra for insurance. i hopefully made some sort of point in both of them... and ill be praying to god that will has mercy on us. im seriously going to get a c+ in that class. damnit!!!!
it is way too stressful to have a scholarship that depends on keeping a certain gpa. oy. hopefully! i aced the shit out of the music exam, which might let me pull an a in that class. or at least an a-. that would be fan-fucking-tastic. because im really not sure if im going to be getting any a's at all. hopefully religion. but that all depends on the two essays i havent written yet which are staring at me from my desk.
please jesus let me get a hardcore massage tonight. i need it. thank you.
two exams on friday. which are DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS. i.e. my major, and which im going to faillllllllllll. why did i pick such a hard major? math is supposed to be easy for me. what the fuck. oh, and then after that hell, i have my french interview. holy shit that class is hard. AND IT DOESNT COUNT FOR ANYTHING. which angers me beyond compare. i could have been in fucking 300, working myself towards a french minor, but no. all the fucking classes are always full by the time i fucking register. grrrr.
and then im also worrying about packing up all my shit, debunking/rearranging our room, pulling out the carpet to take home, making sure the fridge is ready to go, and oh yea, packing alllll my shit. for saturday. when i go home. i go home saturday. 4 days. ill be home in 4 days. what???????? and then! i get to work all summer.

god im such a whiner. :)

generally, life is cool. im going to miss rumin, my dorm, college, and freedom. goodbye sweet freedom. (hello car! how ive missed you)
also, i cant WAIT to be with my best friend all summer. yay. :) i like her. shes pretty cool. 

oof, call soon, will you?